The Chipped Tooth (based on a dream)

Haggard, mismatched. I tumble and fall, getting up only to see a couple of my teeth no longer the immaculate shape they used to be- The rough edges pierce sharply against my tongue and I keep running it over them in disbelief. The corners of mouth feel pricked and the salty twinge of blood blankets... Continue Reading →

Musing #2

I see conflict everywhere. More so within us, than outside. I see contradictions. I see fire in ice and poison in medicine, I see the push in pull and the pull in push, I see. I feel. The pain in smiles, the silence in the ringing laughter, the uncertainty in certainty, the sense in the... Continue Reading →

growing up;

The feeling of growth is unsettling. Your beliefs about everything, including yourself, are constantly challenged. There's anxiety, restlessness and overwhelming emotions that envelope you. Look in the mirror and every time you see, your reflection changes. I have a hard time with change- and the anxiety it creates manifests in me mostly as pacing. What... Continue Reading →


Nothing bizarre and poetic today, but I used to love writing little snippets? once upon a time and I'd love to try again right now. Things are starkly different, and I love how that reflects in how I write too. Here goes! * Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis has always been a fascinating mythical pairing- the... Continue Reading →

Musing #1

Rami Malek's quote from Bohemian Rhapsody is something I always keep recalling. Being human is a condition that requires a little anesthesia. We all experience pain in so many vivid, individual forms, all requiring a different dosage. But is there? A cure-all, a panacea that numbs us for a while whilst we're on the path... Continue Reading →


The brunt of the salted, damp air is heavy on your skin, your wounds not ready for the salt of the earth to seep into the crevices. But then, the magic of transformation begins. The chilly breeze the warm day you once craved turn into a black, endless night feels more comforting. More you. The... Continue Reading →

el diablo (spanish: the devil)

In this cruel world we live, we're now told even an angel is a devil in disguise, but have you ever heard of the devil who's an angel? His eyes burn red, not with danger, but a bright red-hot love so intense, so terrifying, so easily mistaken. His touch destructive, so much so, even if... Continue Reading →

heiko (japanese: parallel)

//parallels. the kiss of sunshine on the petals of the sunflower, your kiss on my lips. the smile of little buds in spring, the half-crooked smile on your face at my foolery the fingertips running along the windowsill in the dewy morning, the way you caress the small of my neck the hum of the... Continue Reading →

omnia (latin: everything)

The tip of your tongue, the top of your mouth. The blood in your veins, the sound of your heart. The clock in the corner striking repeatedly with an impending sense of doom with every tick, the voices in your head screaming louder. The slowing of your breath as you cower to inhale, the pain... Continue Reading →


A rusted antique sitting in the corner of an attic; wailing, screaming at its rare exposure. And, as irony would have it, the first beam of sunlight seems to be intimidating at first. Too bright, too potent, almost scorchingly so. Your gaze renders my soul naked, and I feel like I'm on the verge of... Continue Reading →

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